My three years of experience serving on the board has provided me the insight needed to hit the ground running as your Supervisor. With your support on election day, I will work with the residents of Huntington and my colleagues on the Town Board to implement practical solutions to everyday issues and sustainable programs that will strengthen and help unify our town.


Maintaining and investing in the Town’s infrastructure is part of the most basic
and essential function of local government. I have made this a priority as Town
Councilman and as your Supervisor, I will continue to support investments in the
Town’s infrastructure without increasing our debt load. Prioritizing Huntington’s infrastructure now protects our environment and natural resources in the future.

Over the past several years, we’ve revitalized our waterfront with new bulkheads, docks, and purchased a new state-of-the-art rescue boat to enhance water safety especially important with many more boaters on the water.

We’ve invested millions of dollars in badly needed maintenance and upgrades to these sewage treatment plant. This is vital to improving water quality. We have also addressed the Town’s neglected fleet of garbage trucks, dump trucks, and heavy machinery. This year, we are spending $435,000.00 on two new garbage trucks, ensuring garbage and recycling pick-up remains on schedule.

The town’s infrastructure is in a better place than it was 4 years ago; and I will continue to make it a budgetary priority. We accomplished all of this while staying under the tax cap, and maintaining a AAA bond rating.

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