My three years of experience serving on the board has provided me the insight needed to hit the ground running as your Supervisor. With your support on election day, I will work with the residents of Huntington and my colleagues on the Town Board to implement practical solutions to everyday issues and sustainable programs that will strengthen and help unify our town.


As Huntington Town Supervisor, I will continue to put taxpayers first to ensure
that local town government is working efficiently, transparently, and at a minimum cost to its residents. We must continue to work to maintain Huntington as a place where our children can afford and want to live.

As a Town Council member, I was pleased to support and resolve the decades-
long LIPA litigation that threatened to bankrupt the town. I supported town budgets that remained within the tax cap and I am proud of our Town’s AAA bond rating, which keeps the interest we pay on our debt at the lowest possible rates,
allowing us to continue to make infrastructure investments within the tax cap.

I worked to stop over-development of apartment buildings in our downtown areas and fought to preserve open space. As Supervisor, I will work to encourage the re-development of vacant and under-utilized properties before supporting new development.

I further believe that small businesses are the heart and soul of our local economy. During the pandemic, I worked alongside downtown business owners and together we came up with creative ways to keep businesses open. As a small business owner myself, I am very aware of the financial hardships of the past year. As Supervisor, I will work to reduce tax burdens on all of our residents and promote outside-the-box ideas that expand commerce.

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