My three years of experience serving on the board has provided me the insight needed to hit the ground running as your Supervisor. With your support on election day, I will work with the residents of Huntington and my colleagues on the Town Board to implement practical solutions to everyday issues and sustainable programs that will strengthen and help unify our town.


I am proud of my record of working with my fellow board members, town employees, and residents of varying political beliefs. I firmly believe that there isn’t a Republican or Democrat blueprint to running effective town government. It is vital to work with others to put practical, fiscally sound solutions forward to make town government work better for all of the residents it serves.

The Bi-partisan LIPA settlement was the biggest decision facing the town of Huntington since we revolted against King George III. This fiasco threatened to bankrupt the town. Through extensive and exhausting bi partisan work, we were able to end a decade of litigation. The resolution of this case saved the tax payers of Huntington a projected $800,000,000 refund to LIPA.

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